The 10 Best Karaoke Bars in Massachusetts

#7. Hong Kong, Boston, MA Enjoy a scorpion bowl while you sing Karaoke at Hong Kong in Faneuil Hall. Two floors means more fun. Dance, sing, and enjoy the delicious Asian food.   The 10 Best Karaoke Bars in Massachusetts – 2018 Link:


31 Signs you grew up #DrinkinginBoston

#19 – You’ve been genuinely impressed by the karaoke singers at Hong Kong, and equally impressed with the scorpion bowls and teriyaki sticks that go around like hot dogs at a Red Sox game.     31 Signs you grew up #DrinkinginBoston – 2015 Link:


Nominated Best Place to Go Without Breaking the Bank

The best thing about Boston? There’s always something to do that won’t break the bank: Neighborhood festivals. Dive bars. The brunch spot you hit the morning after the dive bar. That’s what we’re saluting with The Boston Calendar Best Of Awards!   Nominated Best Place to Go Without Breaking the Bank – 2014 Link:  


Boston’s Bad Decision Bars – Thrillist Boston

You definitely didn’t start here, but you certainly ended here. Whether you’re prowling Downtown or Cambridge, the Hong Kong (aka the “Wrong Kong”) is never far away. Follow up that Scorpion Bowl with some ill-advised texts to your ex and an order of crab rangoon, then face the consequences of both the next day.   […]

Good Libations: Drinks to enhance the Asian Dining Experience

What goes better with crab rangoons and barbecue ribs than a flowery vat of fruit juice and booze? We grabbed a footlong straw and set out to field-test the scorpion bowls at some of the most popular spots in town. Good Libations: Drinks to enhance the Asian Dining Experience – 2013 Link:

9 Tourist Traps Bostonians Should Revisit

Faneuil Hall Marketplace: The ultimate in tourist destinations in Boston, Faneuil Hall Marketplace hosts more visitors annually than the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. It’s the bustling city epicenter, one that hosts a wide range of culinary scents, and the ultimate in people-watching. Plus, what’s wrong with a scorpion bowl and $1 chicken on […]

29 Reasons to Love Boston

#26. The deadly nature of the scorpion bowls at the Hong Kong in Harvard Square. 29 Reasons to Love Boston – 2013 Link:

The Scorpion Bowls Effect

Most of us can barely remember walking out of the Hong Kong on any given night….never mind walking out with a fiance. Bostonian’s think of it more as a meat market than a place that would associated with romance. But, I suppose there is some romance with getting a draft beer for a dollar….at 5 […]

Boston’s Best Karaoke Bars

This “home of the Scorpion Bowl” proudly hosts karaoke seven days a week, alongside other offered services like the dollar draft specials, happy hour appetizers, private function rooms and a second floor dance club for those who aren’t exactly the singing type. Karaoke fiends make up much of Hong Kong’s clientele, however, and the restaurant’s […]

Best of Boston Awards: Best Karaoke Bar

After a few beers and Talking Heads covers, nothing’s quite as satisfying as scoring a $1 chicken teriyaki skewer. Dance your heart out at the club upstairs, or just huddle around a scorpion bowl with your pals while some State Street suit croons “Friends in Low Places.”